“What should I consider before taking voice lessons?”

You want to take voice lessons? Great! Before you choose a coach, be sure to ask yourself the following questions:

1. What are my professional goals?

Broadway? Chart-topping rock artist? Local gigger? Church choir member? Shower singing extraordinaire?

Your answer to this question may determine the type of teacher you want to hire. Perhaps you want a teacher that will also guide you on how to prep for an audition, where to record a demo, how to harmonize, songwriting, etc.

2. What are my vocal goals?

Increase range, sing louder, sing for longer periods of time without tiring/losing voice, learn to sight read, stylize singing…

3. What vocal style do I want to pursue most?

Everything & anything, classical, musical theater, jazz, opera, rock, pop…

If you want to be a rock star, don’t go to a teacher that only teaches opera. However, if you’re flexible, find a teacher who is knowledgable in all styles and has a solid understanding of the basics. You can work together to determine what is best for you!

4. Am I willing to learn a different style of singing if my voice teacher finds I’m suited for it?

Perhaps you started lessons with the idea of becoming a country artist, but your voice teacher realizes your range and voice is perfect for opera. Would you be willing to explore something new? There’s nothing wrong with saying “no” – just think about it!

5. How frequently do I want to have lessons? How long do I want those lessons to be?

Typical voice lessons are one hour and are scheduled weekly. However, young children may not be able to focus for a full 60-minute lesson. Additionally, you may not be able to commit to a weekly lesson.

6. What is my voice lesson budget?

Many vocal coaches charge roughly $1/minute. Some are more, some are less. Are you willing to pay more for a quality vocal coach? Or do you just want to learn the basics at a lower rate?

7. How much time am I willing to invest in my voice outside of lessons?

Voice teachers are your road map, not your driver. You are in control of your own progress. We can teach you the “how” but we can’t sing and practice for you. Realize that you will have to practice outside of lessons in order to really grow and retain what you were able to achieve in your lesson!



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