About Lessons

As a performer, I spent much of my high school, college, and professional careers searching for the right voice teacher. I hopped from vocal coach to vocal coach only to hear completely contradictory information. So, I took matters into my own hands. Over the years, I’ve researched the biology of vocal production and studied all categories of singing from classical to bel canto to belt to speech-related. As a vocal coach now, I use this arsenal of knowledge to determine the most healthy and effective methods of singing for each individual voice.

If you’ve taken voice lessons before, chances are my lessons are a little different. Here’s what lessons with me typically look like:

– Like most lessons, mine begin with warm-ups. Just as an athlete needs to warm up before a game or meet to avoid injury, a singer too must prepare his or her body for more intense singing.

– After a generic warm-up, we’ll work on technique exercises specifically for you. These may seem like more warm-ups but I’ve chosen them explicitly for your voice. What works for one singer may completely harm a different singer’s voice – hence why it’s so important to work one-on-one with a vocal coach.

– Finally, we’ll work on a song and apply what we’ve been doing in our technique exercises to a song of your choosing (or mine, depending on what we’re trying to achieve).

– I believe in “chunking.” The “practice makes perfect” mantra isn’t necessarily true if you’re practicing the wrong way. The real truth is: “practice makes permanent.” Therefore, we’ll stop a lot in our lessons to make sure you’re learning things the right way and building the right habits.

If you’ve ever tried to break a bad habit or start a new routine, you know it takes a lot of time, focus, determination… and a lot of mistakes along the way. Singing is the same way. Through the process, I can be your GPS but not your Uber: I’ll do my best to give you the directions, “recalculate” after a wrong turn, and even help you find the fastest, safest route. It’s up to you to do the driving.

Ready to get started? Call or text 407-410-3797, email orlvoiceteacher@gmail.com, or schedule your introduction session right now by clicking here! I can’t wait to hear from you!